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> Why are these forums so negative?
сообщение 9.3.2018, 12:08
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Has everyone forgotten why we actually play games? In our free time for fun, not all the time for pointless gear. Destiny 2 has made the process of getting exotics and fun items easier to get as we all know. This system is way more rewarding than destiny, we would spend maybe thousands of hours replaying the same content to get a rocket to play that same content for hours more just with a damn rocket. Destiny 2 could use some extra endgame activities, but as for the complaints about the missing grind, the grind was the most commonly complained about aspects of destiny 1. We would spend hours on end without getting meaningful gear and when we did, more time trying to get a perfect one. We did this to have the weapon right? To enjoy using it?
Please help.

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