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> Tang Yan, Sun Wukong, and four
сообщение 12.10.2018, 4:57
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Tang Yan, Sun Wukong, and four men came back from Chang'an City. Chang'an students envied them, so they set up a school. Tang Zhen, Sun Wukong and Sha Fei have already had other positions, so they chose the pig to be the principal Cigarettes Online. At the opening ceremony, the pig principal was full of passion and confidently walked onto the podium.Everyone, please calm down, hey!" The headmaster of the pig spoke up. His nose was awkward and he made a "squeaky" voice Marlboro Lights. The classmates looked at it, some were very serious, sitting there with the right side, some were very "distracted", laughing, and some were even more excessive, actually imitating the action and voice of the pig principal. The pig principal didn't mind it, and spoke up and said: "I thought that year, I was the captain of the canopy! Just because of the greed, sorrow, beauty, by the Jade Emperor, I dropped the pig, and let me Unconditional insurance master Xitian to learn. I was a hesitant at that time, hehe, but I still promised, hey! I didn��t expect the road to be so dangerous, the master had been caught many times, and I was involved, but it was okay. There is a stinky monkey, and the horse is warm, hey! Speaking of the stinky monkey, hey, hey! I always bully me on weekdays, still, I am still a fool, I really can��t say it! But the stinky monkey The ability is not bad, can change seventy-two, heaven is into the ground, is afraid of water, hehe! Hey, there is this monkey Parliament Cigarettes, even if the master is caught, the monster can not eat the meat of the master, who makes the stinky monkey It��s always possible to run the monsters Newport Cigarettes. This dead stinky monkey has some conscience, hey! Classmates, hey, I��m in your impression, is it lazy to do it? No way, I am a pig. Ah, the pig is this nature, Jiangshan is easy to change, the nature is difficult to move. "Pig Principal not finished, the students all laughed, no one does not laugh, a laugh and a formidable than pigs president froze there, do not know what is funny. The classmates saw the appearance of the pig principal, and laughed even more happily. The whole hall was filled with laughter.Since the birth of this pig principal, the students have learned more and more, each class has a lot of top students Carton Of Newports, the pig principal is very happy, hard to say that this is all his credit, hehe!
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