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> Vanka slept for two hours while
сообщение 12.10.2018, 4:56
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Vanka slept for two hours while sleeping. He just woke up and was found to be beaten by the boss who was sleeping.order to make more money, the proprietress put Fanka into the house and asked Fanka to repair the bad leather shoes sent by others, and he was not allowed to rest for a moment. In this way, it has been three years. In the past three years, Vanka has grown taller and has grown stronger. His wages have grown from the previous two rubles to eight rubles. In the past three years, Vanka has never forgotten to send a letter to Grandpa. He has always looked forward to his grandfather's reply Marlboro Red. However, Grandpa has never heard a bit.this day, Vanka suddenly came up with a bold idea: slip, go to the country to find Grandpa! So, on a Friday afternoon, the boss family and the guys went to church to pray for God's chance. He secretly opened the lock with a thin wire that had been prepared beforehand and ran out. As soon as he went out to repair the shoe store, he went straight to the shoe store in the city center. He used the money from the past three years to buy a pair of shoes, a sheepskin coat, and then he followed the memory of the countryside. The road ran desperately. Along the way, Vanka did not dare to stop, for fear that the boss found him caught back. When he saw the people crossing the road, he was running fast, fearing that they and the boss were a group of people to take him back Marlboro Red 100S. After all, Vanka is still a child, plus he has not eaten for two days and two nights, and finally fainted on the road because of physical exhaustion.n Vanka opened his tired eyes, he found himself lying on the military vehicle. It turned out that after he passed out, the Bushwick Party��s troops passed by and found him and took him to the car and pulled it to the headquarters. At the headquarters, Fanka joined the army and became a formal army artillery. In the years of joining the army, Vanka worked hard, the officer was smart, and Lieutenant Voltsky taught him to write a good word. In the sixth year, Vanka rose to the major Cigarette Online. In the past few years of joining the army, Vanka has never forgotten to find a grandfather. He often sent troops to the countryside to inquire about Constantine Makalic. day, that is the day that Fanka has been looking forward to! A soldier reported that an old man named Constantine Makalic was found in a rural village by the Volga River and brought back Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Vanka hurriedly ran out and carefully looked at the old man in front of him, God! It is the grandfather who thinks about it day and night, this only relative! Grandpa is obviously much older than before. He didn't recognize Vanka in front of him. After all, Vanka is no longer a weak child. Fanka could no longer suppress the excitement and joy of his heart Marlboro Lights. He suddenly burst into tears in his grandfather's arms. "Yeah...ye, I...fan...fanka...ah!" Grandpa stunned. It��s stunned, it��s been a long time since I��ve been stunned. He grabbed Vanka tightly and didn��t feel old tears. ��I... poor boy, didn��t think... to wow, I...we ... can have a reunion day! Thanks... on... Emperor!" The Vankas found a room for Grandpa and settled down, and sent several soldiers to serve him. not until three years later that the Menshevik Party was overthrown by the Bushwick Party. Vanka bought two suites in the city centre of Leningrad, one for him and his grandfather and the other for the hotel. In this way, Vanka and Grandpa began a new life.

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