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2 авг 2023

Football betting is no longer unfamiliar to everyone, especially for sports enthusiasts. It serves as both a form of entertainment and an opportunity to make profits. However, not everyone understands how to play, the principles, or the experiences when betting on extra time. In this article, Wintips will introduce you to effective ways to bet on extra time.

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What is extra time, and what are the extra time bets?
In each football match, there are two official halves, but in decisive matches where there needs to be a winner and there is no result in the regular 90-minute play, the teams will proceed to play extra time. Extra time consists of 30 minutes, divided into two halves, with no break in between.
Usually, in football betting, the time for extra time is not counted; only the playing time of the two regular halves is considered.
However, in some special cases, bookmakers will offer additional extra time bets – the odds calculated based on the time played in extra time. Thus, bettors need to distinguish between different types of bets to avoid confusion and not miss out on thrilling and exciting extra time bets.
Ways to bet on extra time
To achieve victory, players need to understand the various popular extra time bets and be able to place the most accurate bets. Here are some specific ways to bet on extra time:
Extra Time – Full Match – 1x2: This bet predicts which team will win or whether it will be a draw in the 30-minute extra time (including added time). If the extra time is postponed or canceled before it ends, all bets will be voided.
Extra Time 1st Half – 1x2: This bet predicts which team will win or whether it will be a draw in the first 15 minutes of extra time. If the match is canceled or temporarily suspended during the 1st half of extra time, all bets will be voided. However, if the match is canceled or suspended during the 2nd half of extra time, the bets for the 1st half of extra time will still count.
Extra Time – Full Match – Handicap: All bets are based on the handicap odds provided. After the 30-minute extra time, the settlement will be made. If the match is canceled or suspended before the end of the extra time, all bets will be voided.
Extra Time 1st Half – Handicap: All bets are based on the handicap odds provided. After 15 minutes of the 1st half of extra time, the settlement will be made. If the match is canceled or suspended during the 1st half of extra time, all bets will be voided. If the match is canceled or suspended during the 2nd half of extra time, the bets for the 1st half of extra time will still count.
Extra Time – Full Match – Over/Under: Goals scored during the regular playing time will not count, and the score for the two teams at the start of extra time will be 0-0. The bet will be based on the result of the 30-minute extra time (including added time). If the match is canceled or suspended before the end of the extra time, all bets will be voided, except for the bets made before the match is canceled or postponed with clear results.

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Tips for betting on extra time effectively
Choosing a reputable bookmaker to invest your time and money is the first thing you need to consider. Selecting a reliable platform to participate in analyzing odds will provide you with quality information essential for analyzing and predicting effectively.
You need to constantly monitor the match's progress to reassess the strength of each team. The nature of extra time, which occurs after 90 minutes of official play, can cause players to tire and not maintain their best form. Therefore, you need to analyze and reassess the team's capabilities to place the most accurate bets on extra time. You can review the head-to-head history, previous extra time matches that the teams participated in, new players substitutions, player strengths, or any contentious moments towards the end of the match. All of these factors can influence the extra time score.
Furthermore, it is essential to refer to the opinions of experts and experienced bettors to gain more insight and place the most accurate extra time bets.

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We hope that with these extra time betting experiences, you will find success in all matches and wish you luck and victory in your betting journey!
25 июля 2023

To improve the effectiveness of betting strategies, many players have chosen to convert European odds to Asian Handicap. This is also one of the secrets in football betting that not everyone knows.
To help you understand this matter better, let's follow the details in the article below from Wintips to pocket some valuable experiences in sports betting!

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Understanding European Odds and Asian Handicap
Before learning how to convert European odds to Asian Handicap, we first need to understand these two concepts and the correlation between their odds.
What are European Odds?
European odds, also known as 1×2 odds, are the simplest and most common betting type. With this betting type, players choose one of the three outcomes: Win, Lose, or Draw.
The standout feature of European odds is the relatively high payout rate, with a winning probability of 33.33%. Therefore, to win bets, players need to have a certain understanding of the betting odds and know how to accurately analyze them.
What is Asian Handicap?
Asian Handicap, also known as handicap, handicap betting, or Asian odds, serves as the foundation for bookmakers to develop various additional betting types such as over/under, parlay, and corner bets.
With Asian Handicap, the bookmaker provides handicap odds for both teams. The team perceived as stronger will be the favorite, while the other team will be the underdog.

Why Should You Choose to Convert from European Odds to Asian Handicap?
There are two fundamental reasons why you should consider converting from European Odds to Asian Handicap:
Different bookmakers offer different profit percentages.
Different bookmakers set different wager amounts.
Based on the experience of seasoned experts in the field of sports betting, bookmakers provide profit percentage odds for Asian Handicap based on the calculations of bets. As a result, you will notice that the Asian Handicap odds are lower than other betting types.
Step-by-step Guide to Convert from European Odds to Asian Handicap for Novice Bettors
In reality, converting from European odds to Asian Handicap is not as difficult as you might think.

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Method for converting full-ball handicap odds
Formula for converting full-ball handicap odds:
Home team win odds=1 / [probability of home team winning / (probability of home team winning + probability of away team winning)]
Away team win odds=1 / [1 - probability of home team winning]
Method for converting half-ball handicap odds
If you choose to participate in half-ball handicap odds, you need to consider the following formula:
Win odds: FT: 2.00 -1. In this case, the lower the winning odds, the better.
Draw odds: FTX 3.2-3.4. Draw odds should not exceed 3.4.
Away team win odds: FT2 3.2-3.6. In this case, the higher the FT2 odds, the less money you may lose.
FT1 is the lowest.
FT2 is the highest, higher than FTX.
Method for converting Water Money
In football betting, the conversion rate for Water Money will fluctuate between 1.25 and 7% for these two odds, calculated for Asian Handicap. However, you won't find this issue in European Odds betting.
The conversion rate for Water Money is calculated using the formula: Payout calculated from three odds for Win, Lose, and Draw based on European Odds. Specifically:
Water Money=100% - Payout
Method for converting Fixed Odds
In reality, you won't be able to grasp Fair Odds; instead, you will only know the odds in the market. If the odds in the market convert Fixed Odds from European to Asian Handicap, it will also use one of the European Odds as the standard. Conversely, it will also be carried out similarly.

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With this article, Wintips has guided you on how to convert European Odds to Asian Handicap most accurately. We hope that these shared pieces of information have provided you with more effective betting experiences.

10 июля 2023

Asian Handicap is a popular type of betting odds nowadays. Therefore, understanding how to read Asian Handicap odds has gained significant attention from many players. So, what is the most effective and accurate way to read Asian Handicap odds? Let's find out with Wintips!

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What is Asian Handicap?
Asian Handicap, also known as 1×2 handicap, is a type of betting odds that players can easily find on the odds board of bookmakers. Asian Handicap is considered easy to understand, play, place bets, and win. Players do not need to worry too much about handicap ratios like Asian Handicap or the number of goals scored like Over/Under bets. Instead, players only need to choose one of the three options.
With Asian Handicap betting, bookmakers will offer three odds corresponding to three results: the home team wins, a draw, or the away team wins. Players only need to choose one of these three odds to place their bets. Therefore, reading Asian Handicap odds is straightforward. There is no need to focus on the score; players only need to pay attention to the final result of the match after the official 90 minutes of play.
Additionally, Asian Handicap can be divided into halftime and full match bets. It is considered a suitable type of bet for beginners in online betting. With a relatively simple way of reading odds, players can quickly grasp the gameplay and place their bets.

How to Read Asian Handicap?
As mentioned above, Asian Handicap consists of three betting odds, corresponding to the home team winning, a draw, or the away team winning. However, to fully understand how to read Asian Handicap, players need to be familiar with the symbols and representations of this type of odds on the odds table.
On the odds table set by bookmakers, Asian Handicap will be written below the 1×2 column. In that column, the home team will be written above, and the away team will be written below. In the third row, there will be the word "draw." This is the symbol representing a draw between the two teams.
When learning how to read Asian Handicap, many people often wonder why some matches have the team written in red on top, while others have the team written in red below. In fact, the team written in red is the favorite team, considered slightly better than the other team.
When looking at Asian Handicap odds, players will see three vertical rows corresponding to the three betting odds. These correspond to the result of the home team winning, a draw, or the away team winning. Accordingly, the symbols 1, X, 2 represent:
1: symbol for the home team winning
X: symbol for both teams finishing the match in a draw
2: symbol for the away team winning
Players choose which odds to bet on, and the corresponding amount of money they will win if they win the bet. With three possible outcomes, players have a chance of winning up to 33.33%. This is a relatively high probability. However, to place effective bets, players need to refer to additional tips to increase their chances of winning Asian Handicap bets.

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Some Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning Asian Handicap Bets
Knowing how to read Asian Handicap odds is not enough; players also need to explore more experiences and tips when analyzing this type of betting. Here are some tips revealed by the reputable bookmaker AC:

Avoid the bookmakers' traps
In many matches, players can easily notice the difference in odds between the home team winning and losing. This is one of the bookmakers' traps. When seeing high odds and the potential for a large win, many people will be tempted to place bets, hoping for a big win.
However, in reality, it is never easy to achieve victory in matches with such large odds differentials. Even a draw is a rare occurrence. Players need to carefully consider before betting on such matches.

Choose the right betting timing
Betting timing is also an important factor to consider. Placing bets at the right time will help you make the most accurate choices. Generally, players should place bets 3 to 5 days before the match starts. This is considered an appropriate time for analyzing odds and placing bets. During this period, the odds are usually accurate, and there are not many changes.
Just before the match, the odds can be continuously adjusted, causing confusion for bettors. It is advisable not to place bets during this time to avoid making inaccurate predictions.

Refer to information and match situations
When reading Asian Handicap odds, we cannot overlook the importance of referring to information and the situation of the two teams. Only when you have a clear understanding of the two teams can you make accurate choices, especially in matches with small odds differentials.
Start by researching the recent performance of the two teams, the line-up, the nature of the match, and the history of their previous encounters. Usually, the nature of the match is an important factor that many players overlook. Direct elimination matches or matches with a significant impact on the championship will be different from friendly matches or routine matches. Therefore, observe carefully before placing your bets. Don't let the lack of information lead to inaccurate predictions.

Consult the opinions of experts in the field of Asian Handicap
In addition to applying your own experiences and knowledge to read Asian Handicap odds, players should not overlook the opinions and analysis of experts. With years of experience in reading odds, these experts will provide in-depth analysis and highly accurate predictions. These are reliable sources of information for players to refer to.

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By following the tips mentioned above, players can gain a better understanding of how to read Asian Handicap odds. Asian Handicap is not complicated; with a little analysis and research, players can make accurate decisions. Wintips wishes everyone success and enjoyable moments of betting and analyzing odds.

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