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> Pandora Bracelet Gold
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Often it is the simplest charms that are best. That is definitely true of the sweet Icon of pandora charms price from the PANDORA 2018 Autumn Collection. Harvesttime is one of the main themes of the recent Autumn collection, with charming grain motifs and even a not-so-scary Scarecrow Guardian pendant. Amongst all the harvest designs, the PANDORA Icon of Nature Charm is my favourite.Two sheaves of grain fold into each other to form this pretty heart shaped Icon of Nature charm.

The grains of wheat have a relaxed alignment which is unsymmetrical and creates an interesting opening at the centre of the charm. Although the Icon of pandora charms disney has quite a simple design the magnificent texture of the wheat sheaves are an engaging addition. A beautiful braid of silver surrounds the charms opening and completes the design.Like many of the recent silver charms PANDORA have produced this year, the Icon of Nature charm has a bright shiny finish. There is a slight amount of oxidisation around the edge of the wheat and I am hoping it will darken a little with time.

It was quite tricky to locate the hallmarks on the pandora rings sale of Nature charm but I finally spotted them hidden beneath the charm. The standard PANDORA hallmark ‘ALE’ and ‘S925’ are engraved on either side.Although, the Icon of Nature charm features wheat sheaves ready for harvest, it is a versatile charm which and can be worn all year round. As nature is a favourite theme of mine I decided to highlight this by creating a styling for each of the four seasons in my review of the Icon of Nature charm.

As Spring begins to peep its head, each day starts to feel a little warmer and longer. The warm blush of the pandora rings rose gold illustrates the warmth of a pool of sunshine as bulbs burst forth. A soft rose coloured glow surrounds the Icon of Nature charm, making the cold of Winter yesterdays memory. Dazzling at the centre of the bracelet the PANDORA Rose Iridescent White Glass Murano mimics the shimmering wings as insects awaken. A hint of green leaves from the wonderful Wildflower Murano charms lift the design and the white glass flowers blend .
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